Saturday, January 16, 2010


My projected odyssey to Crete is stretching further and further. Next May I will be stopping off in Darwin, Australia to attend their International Literary Festival, WORDSTORM. As well as indiginous Astralian writers there will be many from surrounding countries, like Indonesia, discussing the place for women in Islam, and what writers can do about global warming.
Then my grand daughter in Canberra suggests I stop off with her for Writers and Readers Week of their festival. If things keep cropping up like this I am going to need those three months in Kissamos to recover'

My Greek is gradually expanding. I have now learned that a formal greeting is 'keritay' but casual hello or goodbye is 'ya su'. As for 'Kalimera' that seems to have disappeared when the Lotus Eaters stopped screening. I can now say 'I speak a little Greek, but not very well,' and 'I am not American,' both useful phrases I am sure, and truthful!


  1. I admire your stamina. You make me feel tired just talking about it.

    Darwin is really interesting. Check out the gallery of aboriginal painting. We spent a good half hour there, but could only afford a couple of postcards. In fact, the set of cheap prints I bought is on the wall of my study as I write.

    Also worth a visit is the Sunday evening market behind the beach. Buy a curry from one of the dozens of stalls, sit on the beach to eat it and watch the sun go down into the sea.

  2. Good to hear your exercise programme is progressing. It must be hard to get out in the sort of weather we've been having! Got the fire going today ... in late January?!