Thursday, January 14, 2010


I jokingly refer to my travels as my 'ski holidays' i.e. Spending the Kids' Inheritence. My wonderful sons told me years ago that they expected me to spend all the small capital their father and I amassed over our working lives in my own lifetime. and I am doing my best.

My neighbour, who tries to emulate his hero Victor Meldrew, tells me I am 'wasting money that should be spent on the poor and needy.' Well I receive two small incomes, one is the pension to which I have contributed all my working life, and the other my Government Superannuation, amassed by paying into a fund, that reduced my income. Now when my two pensions are paid into my bank, instead of putting them under my mattress, or hoarding them in a low interest bank account, I RE-CIRCULATE them, by meeting friends for lunch in town, if we oldies did not patronise the Star & Garter and other nice eating houses in Oamaru they would eventually have to lay off staff,adding to the poor and needy. Likewise the nice lady who cuts my hair and Kerry, the clever Travel Agent who sorts out my flights and hotels when I am overseas. If I stayed at home my bank balance would grow, but Oamaru's net income would shrink.

Well that's my excuse anyway.

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