Monday, January 23, 2012


Conception was instantaneous, gestation lengthy, labour painful but at last we succeeded. The novel is now available on Kindle.
It is called 'Thorny Glen' a fictional settlement in high country South Island New Zealand. It started when I bought a book about writing a romance novel. The advice was solid and sensible. I also took an on line course from Bob Mayer about writing that read like an Army Training manual. I wrote most of Thorny Glen while I was in Crete two years ago, put it away when I came home, then signed on to a course called 'Finish Your Novel' at the Writers' Centre in Dublin (wonderful place), taught by Connor Kostick, (wonderful teacher).

So there it is, available for U.S.$0.99 for download, (Kindle has sent an e mail saying it will be available free for the first 90 days to Kindle owners.

The story started out as traditional romantic conflict between the flawed hero (CEO of a dairying consortium, and a heroine (Black Fern rugby player)who is married to an All Black, a rather nasty character. My characters developed minds of their own and were twisting the story from day one, and then the Canterbury earthquake happened and I had to accommodate that. But I had fun writing it. I hope my friends will as much fun reading it.


  1. Congratulations! I hope it sells by the truckload. You deserve some good news.

  2. Thank you, Joe. How many e books would it take ton load a truck. One Kindle reader holds hundreds of books.

    However, please tell your friends that I have written a light story about High Country New Zealand. Great literature it is not, but it is fun to read.