Tuesday, January 31, 2012


If pulp fiction did not meet a need it would not exist. In my opinion Mills and Boone Australian authors, especially Nikki Logan, are top notch for character, situation and humour. They are a fun read after an awful day. .

Since getting my Kindle reader at Christmas I have been exploring Amazon’s ninety nine cent e books. That is partly why I wrote and published Thorny Glen; to see if I could do it. I downloaded three of John Locke’s Donovan Creed novels and am still getting my head around them. A 21st century James Bond written for people who have weird moral views, but well written in a slangy. fast paced style. He is selling by the million so he must be doing something right. And at 99 cents US I don’t begrudge the cost.

Then there are the thrillers and whodunnits, like Hostile Witness by Rebecca Foster and Summer People by Aaron Stander. An evening’s read after a taxing day they engage the brain, like doing a cryptic cross word. The escapist, or romantic books like A Marriage of Convenience by Doreen Owens are like whipped cream apple pie, undemanding and fun.

They all have a place in Literature. At US$0.99 they don’t break the budget and reading them on an e reader will save a lot of trees.

I borrowed Chasing Fire by Norah Roberts from the library because it was priced at nearly $50 in the bookshop. I would not take it on a plane; at nearly 500 pages it’s too heavy, It’s about a team of fire jumpers in Montana. They parachute out of planes, spend days chain sawing fire breaks, finding charred bones, solving murders, dodging wild fires with nothing to sustain them but energy bars and Coca Cola. Then they go home and copulate in the shower before downing tequila by the bottle! The main characters are XXXX superheroes. I suppose they would have to be to do the job.

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