Thursday, July 21, 2011


For some reason this piece posted itself on line before I had written more than the subject line. To-day was the sort of day I came north of the equator to avoid, cold and wet. Cars had their lights on all day, and we could hear tyres squishing on wet roads as they passed the hostel. And I shivered. I brought cotton blouses and Tshirts with me so about three o├žlock in between showers I dared a break in the showers ans headed down Camden Street where there are four very good charity shops. By spending thirty euros I came home with a smart warm coat which I shall wear for years to come, two warm blouses and two pullovers, so I am no longer shivering.
In Talbot street near the 'Prick with the stick'statue of James Joys I found this pavement artist, An artist certainly, but at the end of each day he rolls up his canvases, returning the next day to stick them down again with duck tape. Ingenious.
There is a trombonist busker near him who plays Irish blues.
Dublin is indeed a vibrant city, but perhaps because it developed from a riverside settlement I don't think there is one uncurved street, and streets change their names every two or three blocks. They d0 have a sensible rule for pedestrian crossings. Painted on the road is 'Look left'even if the little man in the traffic light is showing red if nothing is coming pedestrians may cross. then from the centre another sign says ;'look right'and the same rule applies.
But I still would not like to drive here.

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