Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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There are a few shopping areas in the world which delight me by their ambience, the sense of 'village'' and the unique people one meets there. I discovered Camden Street when I was staying in St Kevins Parade. Now I have moved nearer to the city and to my delight I walked to the corner of Charlemont Street which has a nice hostel almost next door to a Turkish kebab and hamburger shop. I turned left, walked a few metres and there I was, at the top of Camden street.
This morning I strolled down to get my eyes tested for another pair of glasses. The lady optician had a beautiful brogue she did all the things optometrists like Brian Dennehy does in Oamaru. She apologised for the price. When I translated her euros into NZ dollars they are going to be cheaper than my last pair, even allowing the pensioner discount. I need another pair because my frames disintegrated and I stupidly did not get a spare pair before I left home.
I continued strolling and explored some charity shops, Irish Cancer Society, Elder Action, but I have to remember my weight - 20 ks plus 5 ks carry on, and if I don't get Ulysses finished I shall need every kilo in the allowance,just for that.
At lunch time I found a lovely simple cafe which served, among other dishes éggs on toast, any way you want them'so I had two poached eggs on toast which were perfectly cooked and served with two sprigs of chives, delicious.
Next I saw a shop window advertising hair cuts Ádults 7 euros. The barber was giving two of his clients basic cuts, I think they are 'number 1s'' There was no chat, such as one hears in more up market salons, but the barber concentrated on getting the hair right.
The barber was fortyish with the hawk like look middle eastern men have. When I climbed into his chair he wanted to know was I on holiday?
No I am researching a book.
Where was I staying?
Citi hostel.
If I wanted a flat he could help me find one.
Was my husband in Dublin?
My husband died fourteen years ago.
But you need a partner.
I wondered if he was going to offer help finding one. But he snipped and shaped for nearly half an hour and gave me the best haircut I have had since I left Waitaki and Lily Blakely's care.
Finally I called into Tesco,s and stocked up on fresh fruit and good muesly because this hostel does not serve fruit of yoghurt with their breakfast. One Braeburn apple, juicy and crisp with an ENZA sticker on it cost half a euro.
Yes I like Camden Street, it's villagey like Jackson Street in Petone.

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