Friday, July 22, 2011


There was I seated on the bottom bunk of dormitory 317 on Citi hostel. A knock at the door and in walked two beautiful young back packers from France. We introduced ourselves, one is Anna Yse and the other Rhiannon, quelle coincidence marveilleuse! Two of my grand daughters are Anna Lisa and Rhiannon. So while these two stored their luggage we discussed, without mentioning the mentioning the Rainbow Warrior, Rugby, and French movies, their favourite being Énsemble, cést tout, which is the film made from Anna Gavalda's marvellous novel, which we call 'Hunters and Gatherers. Personally I thing Ensemble cést Tout'a much better title.
They have headed out now to do whatever young people do on a Friday night, I have forgotten, it's so long ago, but they have promised to be quiet when they come in.
Now that is why I prefer hostels when I am travelling. Such a meeting just would not happen at the Dublin Hilton.

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