Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unforgettable Happenings in Darwin

1. Waking one morning to find three gorgeous Australian males at my bedside. One carried yoghurt and mango, one a plate of toast with rosella jelly and one a cup of tea. They were my hostess's grandsons who were sleeping over, aged 11,9 and 7.

2. Sitting with a group of poets watching the sun go down over Darwin Harbour and drinking champagne.(actually Marlborough sparkling)

3. Family barbecues which included the family dogs (litter sisters) who were exuberant as the children.

4.Watching birds at Fogg Dam where I saw more white herons than I have every seen in my long life. Also seeing a jabaroo, and enormous kind of crane, fly in.

%. visiting Howard Springs, where I saw a black cockatoo, very exotic. tiny turtles swimming beside tropical fish I have only seen in aquariums, and listening while Kaye exchanges stories with the Park Ranger who is a former pupil of hers.

5. At a country market seeing a tiny python curled about the forearm of its owner.
In the same market learning how to squeeze a ripe orange then make a hole in the skin and drink from it.

6, Sharing poems on the shady terrace of Kaye's house. Nine poets had gathered for lunch. That was the day Kaye prepared and served 22 meals, as well as visiting a sick friend, and worked out how I could place and International phone call to one of my Kiwi sons who seem to have forgotten my existance.

And there are six days left for me to make more discoveries. I am fortunate indeed to be here instead of cluttering up some chilly New Zealand rest home.

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  1. Gee ... those terrible Davies boys. Shame on us! Glad to hear you're having a great time. Kim says hi too, she's been enjoying reading about your peregrinations.

    Hope everything in Iceland is green for travel.