Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My crib has never looked to tidy. My cupboards are just about empty. I have culled my wardrobe. One of the thrills of losing weight is being able to fill a rubbish bag with discarded knickers, bras etc which now fall off me. My posh clothes have gone to the op shop. And the boot of my car is full of things I put in the shed and forgot about, like fused electric jugs, a gas heater that no longer works,and magazines thst I have a superstitious feeling against burning.
These I shall take to the dump sorry recycling centre and on the way back I shall buy some Australiam currency and some Euros.
Lily is coming from Glenavy to cut my hair.
I know my performance pieces by heart, no you don't want to hear them.
I can tell the citizens of Kissamos that I undertand a little Greek, 'Katalavenolikhohellenica'
My phone will be disconnected one hour after I walk out of here next Monday.

An e mail from Kay in Darwin. She will meet my plane on Monday AT 23.30. On Wednesday we will be lunching, with several hundred others, with Professor Tim Flannery to hear him lecture on matters ecological.
Looks like it's really going to happen!

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