Friday, May 7, 2010


If I made a list of all the things I must do before heading overseas I would not go. But gradually the chaos is tresolving itself. The rubbish has gone to the dump, Lily came and cut my hair,I have at last worked out how to use my new computer, Telecom assures me they will cut of my phone one hour after I leave on Monday. I have cancelled the newspaper and scraped the ODT decal off my letter box, although the rural delivery man doesn't seem to know about it yet, he still leaves a paper. When I come back I shall save the planet by buying a paper occasionally when I go in to town, then I won't have to worry about disposing of the advertising suplements for all the houses I don't want to buy.
A neighbour is driving me to the bus in Glenavy, 7 Ks from here. If I was fitter I could have walked but never mind. I shall be on the 3.55 plane from Christchurch to Sydney, then change to a plane to Darwin. My incredibly generous hostess, Australian port, Kay Alderhoven will meet me at 23.40. Tuesday we are having dinner at a 'posh restaurant', Wednesday lunch will have Professor Tim Flannery as guest speaker. Thursday, Friday Saturday Sunday will be a blur of workshops, performances, generally helping at various venues, taking tickets etc. so watch this blog.

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