Saturday, March 17, 2012


for the past two weeks I have been dining like a gourmet of fresh salmon and fresh vegetables, such as beetroot, lettuce, spring onion and other delicacies, My neighbour, Don is a sprightly lad of barely sixty. When he is not fishing he likes to do things. He earned himself a degree in Philosophy while waiting for a heart by pass. He rebuilt my bathroom while I was in Crete and planted a very productive vegie garden while I was in Ireland last year.A a few years ago when my laundry shed roof sprung a leak he replaced the tin with corrugated plastic making it much lighter and warmer. But his real passion is fishing. He knows where the best fly fishing rivers are, and what time the tide is right to catch salmon like this one. He says he is getting so good at it there is no challenge anymore. Incidentally he also makes the best date scones I have ever tasted. And to top everything, his younger brother is a computer expert and he spent two days getting me back on line (thank you Keith) without exception Don is the best neighbour I have ever been lucky enough to live next to.


  1. wow! what a fish!
    Aren't good neighbours a treasure?
    and there is nothing like going into your garden, picking fresh veg, and eating them within the hour. Salivating at the very thought!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all in NZ!

    1. The fish is a quinot salmon released in New Zealand in the 1860s and they have taken to
      our waters with gusto.