Friday, March 9, 2012


This lovely little monument is on a quiet bank of the Liffey and it commemorates the arrival of Vikings who landed there nearly a thousand years ago. Dublin is not an easy place to live. Accommodation is expensive, water is rationed but Dublin has charms that make it all worth while. I have mentioned the Irish Writers' Centre on Parnell Square. This week end is one of their special events which they were working towards when I was there last year. Twelve writers who have not yet been published have been helped to get their work ready to make a pitch for publication. Each has a desk at the Writer's Centre and publishers and agents are coming to see them. I would love to be there.I think their idea is inspired and have seen the planning and hard work that has gone in to making it happen. To the twelve lucky authors I can only say 'Good Luck, and I hope I can buy some of the books when they are published.' I shall read them during the Waitaki winter time,


  1. "water is rationed"... I've been living in Dublin for over 30 years and I've never heard of water rationing!
    congrats to the writers!

  2. Hello Mimi

    I did send a reply to this yesterday but it does not seem to have gone through.
    re the rationed water, I was referring to life in the hostels where showers are timed by the second. and water stops running automatically