Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I listened to the Maori Party politicians claiming our fresh water. What next?
Well air is made breathable by oxygen expired from trees, trees grow on land and need fresh water, some of it rain much of it from rivers and lakes.
So perhaps we should be paying Maori for the air we breath?


If Maori own the foreshore and sea bed, the rivers and lakes, the forests etc as owners should they not be responsible for damage caused by these?

So when a river floods will Maori pay owners of adjoining land?
Tangaroa has been eating away at the coast south of where I live, a road had to be closed. Could the District Council prosecute Ngai Tahu for keeping a dangerous animal on their land? They own the sea bed and have allowed the sea to occupy it. Surely that is comparable with the householder who allows dangerous dogs to live on his property without restraint.

Think about it.

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