Monday, December 12, 2011


C.J.Spencer is not a nice man. He got selected for the A.B.s when he was still in hid teens, married the daughter of a Rugby administrator and treated her abominably.
As his wife remarked, "Cops and rugby players are notorious wife beaters."

Now he is in a wheel chair, paralysed after a scrum collapsed, and his wife has met a really nice guy, two nice guys in fact, three if you count the Irish priest who rides a red motor bike and C.J. has to die.

How shall I dispose of him?

He could choke on a fish bone; not dramatic enough and not in keeping with the conventions of literary structure.

Some of his 'rugger bugger'mates could take him to watch a game, lose control of his wheel chair and send him plummeting off the stand.

Or the same mates could be taking on an after match pub crawl. The driver could lose control when one of them, full of beer, spews over him. The van overturns, down a cliff and/or into a rive.

Decisions decisions! I wrote the final chapter in Dublin. I just have to insert Chapter thirty one, where a nasty character who got idolised too young and couldn't hackit gets his comeuppance.

Once I kill the All Black the book will be finished.


  1. How about a fatal stabbing at an after match drunken function? Knives tend to come out at the slightest affront these days. Then you don't have to co-ordinate the emergency services getting down and retrieving the bodies from the river/ cliff.

  2. I suspect divine comeuppance would work better than something that is caused by someone else's actions. In the above situations his mates would feel guilty and there'd be a lot of "if only"...

    Unless, of course, he's in the stands at the rugby and there's an earthquake, part of the stand collapses and he just happens to be sitting under that bit and gets donked on the head or impaled by a falling bit of something sharp from the roof?