Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last Saturday I arrived home from four months of peregrinations. Son Terry drove me down in his cute little company car, cheeky and bright red. In my carport was a silver grey Mitsubishi Gallant which my neighbour Don had located for me, reasonable mileage at a reasonable price. On Sunday I rearranged four months of dust cleaned the windows and got rid of the mountain of mail waiting on my table.

ON monday I set off to Oamaru to put the price of the car into Don's bank account, renew my A.A. membership and buy things I could not possibly do without for one more day, like Vogels Bread, lambs fry, real Marmite (The Irish version is revolting). Then I realised I was now driving a car which did fewer k's to the litre than my former car, a little Ford Festiva, so I began thinking tactically. If I called at the AA office on my way in to town I would not have to cross all the traffic lanes in Thames Street, no waiting at lights, engine idling and drinking gas. So I stopped at the A.A. office, renewed my membership and returned to a dead Mitsubishi. The A.A. mechanic arrived in seconds and diagnosed a flat battery. One hundred and twenty nine dollars later I was on my way, did all my errands in town and called at the B.P.station to fill up. Ouch! of course the Mitsubishi is bigger than my
ford Festiva but $89.00 was a shock. I shall not be dashing in to Oamaru to pick up a paper, or to explore the bookshops in town in future. Trips to town will be carefully monitored. It's all about saving the planet.


  1. If you don't fancy shopping locally (but like the idea of interesting mail) may I remind you of www.booko.com.au?

  2. It's not the shopping, it's the cost of petrol getting in to town to do it, but I shall look up your www.booko.com.au.
    I am trying to limit town visits to one per week.