Saturday, October 8, 2011


No picture. I have been busy dusting, vacuuming and clearing a mountain of mail off my table. Son Terry drove me from Christchurch to home. I found a Mitsubishi Gallant in my carport, so I am mobile once more, thanks to neighbour Don. Also, thanks to Don my back yard looks much more like a garden than it did before I went away. Lettuces, silver beet, radishes, and all sorts of things growing in orderly rows, my precious Loganberry vine taking possession of a frame, and a walkway cut from pieces of discarded plastic laid to keep my boots out of the mud.
Terry brought in armfuls of firewood. It is still cold here. So now I am removing four months' dust from everything while I listen to a wonderful Jazz DVD called 'Greenwich Village' which was waiting with the post. It features Dave Amram & Friends performing live at the Cornelia Street Cafe and it begins with 'Take the A Train', continues through improvisations of 'Splendour in the Grass' then a Collaboration titled 'Pull My Daisy' featuring Amram improvising to readings of Kerouac, Ginsberg and Cassidy. There are jazz tracks by musicians I am unfamiliar with, (but Frank nodded knowledgably when I read them out to him.} and it finished with twelve minutes of 'Meanderin' in Mandarin' A wonderful home coming surprise.

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