Tuesday, August 2, 2011


And I am not going to try and post any photographs, of course she is gorgeous, like her mother and father. However there is a multilingual wave of congratulations floating through the hostel since the e mail arrived.

Let me see, the receptionist is Spanish, as is one of the ladies who cleans like the proverbial white tornado. The this morning there was a couple in the corridor reading a play in Italian. A young man here in the dining room is calling someone in extremely fast French on his computer, Audrey, who is into alternative religion and has been sending positive prayers for your well being is Canadian.The girls who shared my dorm last night are German.

Occasionally I here Irish spoken,and Rosemary the other long term resident in my dorm has a beautiful Irish brogue. Now Stephanie Helen, with your mother's command of Swedish and all these good wishes washing over to you it seems inevitable that you too will become a world traveller, able to converse in any language. Which is just as it should be.
Much love to you
from your Grandmother Davies (Your other Grandmother is a great lady too.)

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