Saturday, August 20, 2011


I usually call in to O'brien's the little cafe on the corner of Charlemont Street and arcourt Road, about 2 p.m. One of their sandwiches and a capucchino, or a frappe in hot weather, leaves me satisfied for the rest of the day. The picture above is what I have been raving about.

I called in to-day and as well as the usual sandwich and coffee, you can have a bagel if you'd rather, I was treated to a a showing of photographs, ferns, flowers, birds and butterflies taken on a recent trip to Jamaica.

I still don't know their names, but it does not matter. They told me they have only been in business here for two months,and they are incredibly grateful that I have publicised them. I don't know if 30 New Zealanders hitting on my blog is going to send a rush of customers to O'Brien's in Dublin. But anyone looking for a nice place to eat fresh food try O'Brien's or tell your friends.

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