Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Kissamos Bay is as wide as Hawke Bay in NZ. It used to be an important port but fortunately the container ships have let it be. Not so the tourist developers. The foreshore is rapidly being gentrified with tourist hotels, their outdoor restaurants on a promendade selling hamburgers, spaghetti bolonese, Walls ice cream but fortunately no KFC or Big macs yet. I ate lunch at the only really ethnic looking place on the shore, Papadakis fish restaurant, run by Papa keeping guard at the entrance, Mama cooking in the kitchen, daughter who speaks and understands fluent English and son who thinks New Zealand is somewhere near England. They served me a plateful of fried whitebait and another dish piled high with an authentic Greek salad, feta cheese, onion, capsicum, tomato and olives all dripping with olive oil which I mopped up with really frech crusty bread. It is now 7a.m. the next morning and I am still not hungry again.

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