Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have no photographs to-day because I spent the morning in the Kissamos archaeology museum and photos are not allowed. The ground floor has a collection of artifacts excavated mostly in the 20th century. The greek text explaining the exhibits has an English translation under it. There are maps showing Crete's place in the ancient world and major trade routes of the Roman empire;a collection of amphorae, and diagrams showing how they were stacked in the holds of trading ships. Upstairs was the almost complete mosaic floor of an ancient villa, it showed hunting scenes, a hunter his chariot oulled by two tigers so lifelike they almost jumped off the floor at us. Also fascinating were the marble statues, portraits of children, young people and military personnel. One of a young girl showed the pleats in the draperies of her dress but it was her feet that caught my attention, Very faintly as though burned into her skin by the sun was the shadow of her footwear. She was wearing the 1st century equivalent of jandals! There was just no mistaking it.

Over the road from the museum I ate lunch, a tasty cheese omelet with a huge Greek salad and iced coffee, all for 10euros.

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