Friday, February 1, 2013


Paul Allen is the 48th richest billionnaire in the world' He is one of the founders of Microsof, but has left the partnership..

He owns a yacht, the Octopus, 127 metres long, with helipads, 2 submarines, a tennis court and it is bigger than the frigate Denis Patrick Davies served in during World War 11.

It docked in Timaru Harbour on Friday. I am tempted to drive up and look at it.

Why am I telling you this?  A couple of neighbours reckon that Paul Allen should not spend all that money on a pleasure craft when people are out of work.

Well I would rather see shipbuilders, engineers, electricians, welders, upholsterers fitters, painters, sailorsand all in employment building a yacht than building weapons and vessels of war. And if the rich do not spend their money how is it going to circulate or trickle down ?

I hope the Octopus has a library with a lot of real books in it. Now there's a thought, a novel to beguile a billionnaire who has everything.

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