Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In my youth, pre WW2, people could travel the world in cargo ships as 'supercargo', usually no more than twelve passengers. It was leisurely, comfortable and children were spoiled rotten. Frankly it was much more enjoyable than being herded through airport drafting yards, scanned and searched, packed into metal tubes to breathe re-cycled air. So when I found a website advertising voyages on cargo and container ships I sent an enquiry.

The daily cost of sea travel is about 130pounds per day, cheaper than the Hilton or Hyatt on shore. The cabins are en suite, passengers dine with the ship's captain and officers. Passengers are allowed to use amenities like indoor swimming pools installed to keep the crew happy.But there is a snag. Because there are no ship's doctors they do not accept passengers older than 79 years. DAM!

So I have to relinquish my dream of a leisurely sail to and from Crete, but if anyone under 79 is reading this I say to them,'Be adventurous, plan to do things a little differently before it is too late.'

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